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The Portuguese Bar & Restaurant

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Welcome to our homemade food restaurant, where we specialize in mouth-watering Peri- peri chicken, grilled meats, and fish. Our menu is inspired by Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine, and every dish is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure its nutritiousness and flavour. We take pride in offering a variety of dishes that suit every taste, from succulent meats to fresh seafood. Our friendly staff aims to create a warm environment for our customers, and we believe that homemade food is the best way to show our love and care. So, come and try our delicious barbecue food, grilled peri-peri chicken, fish, and seafood in Newquay, England. We look forward to serving you and filling your heart and soul with comfort! 


Our available time slots for bookings are:

17:00 / 17:30

19:00 / 19:30

21:00 / 21:30

Table Bookings can only be accepted 24h in advance (deposit required)



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The Portuguese Restaurant &Bar

By Chef Alex Guilherme

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