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Lunch Menu






Soup of Fish





Vegetables Bean Stew

White Bean Tomato based stew with Carrots, and Cabbage served with Plain Rice



Chickpea and Spinach Curry

Curry served with Poached Egg and Rice



Leeks “Brás” Style

Leeks with caramelised Onion, Eggs, shredded Fries and Coriander



Kids Menu: (Under 12’s only)


Fish Fingers



Chicken Nuggets











Puff Pastry with Spinach and Codfish

with mixed salad



Puff Pastry with Vegetables and Cheese

with mixed salad



Calamares Tacos

with Lettuce, Spicy, Tomato, Avocado, Virgin Olive Oil and Azagati Mayonnaise



Tuna Tacos

with guacamole, red cabbage, corn, virgin olive oil and terigaki sauce



Salad Chicken Breast

with lettuce, corn, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken breast, virgin olive oil and chive sauce



Salad Pranws

with mango, red onion, walnuts, lettuce and virgin olive oil



Fried  Eggs with Ham

With chips, chorizo, ham, mayonnaise and virgin olive oil



Fried Eggs with Codfish

with cabbage, mayonnaise and served with chips



Peppers Scrambled

Eggs with peppers and onions on toast



Mushrooms Scrambled

Eggs with mushrooms, onion, garlic and virgin olive oil



Salmon Scrambled

Eggs with avocado



Mushrooms à Brás

with caramelised Onion, Eggs, shredded Fries and Coriander



Chicken à Brás

with caramelised Onion, Eggs, shredded Fries and Coriander




All our food is freshly cooked to order so expect a minimum of a 30 minute wait!


PLEASE inform the staff if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.


The Portuguese Restaurant &Bar

By Chef Alex Guilherme

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