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  • Bread _____________________________________________ £1.50

  • Soup “Caldo Verde”___________________________________ £4.00

  • Cheese ____________________________________________ £5.50
    With Homemade Tomato Jam and Nuts

  • Steak croquettes with pineapple sauce or mayonnaise(2uni)___ £7.50

  • Parm Ham with Mellon_________________________________ £7.50

  • Couvert____________________________________________ £6.90
    1 garlic butter, 1 olive butter, 1 tuna pâte, 1 sardine pâte, 1 Olives and Bread

  • Wild mushrooms_____________________________________  £7.50
    Fried in Olive Oil, Truffle Oil, with Garlic and Fresh Mint

  • Chorizo_____________________________________________ £7.50
    Grilled Chorizo, lightly Fried with Olive Oil, Garlic and Thyme

  • Mussels with chorizo___________________________________ £8.50
    in Tomato sauce, Onion, Peppers

  • Calamares___________________________________________ £9.90
    Fried Squid Rings Coated with Egg and Breadcrumbs

  • King Prawns “Guilho” Style_____________________________ £11.90
    Prawns fried in Olive Oil, Garlic, White Wine, Brandy, Lemon and Coriander

  • Mix of Seafood (for 2 people____________________________ £21.90

      With Mussels, Clams, Prawns, Crab and Scallops

Fish Dishes:

  • Atlantic Croaker______________________________________£18.00

      with Boiled Potatoes or Vegetables

  • Salmon Grilled_______________________________________ £19.00
    Salmon with Lemon, Capers and Mustard Sauce served with a mix of Vegetables and Baby Potatoes

  • Seabass Fillet Grilled_________________________________ £19.00
    with Lemon served with Mix Vegetables and Baby Potatoes

  • Codfish “Lagareiro” Style______________________________ £24.00
    Confit Salted Cod on grill with roast potatoes, onions and virgin olive oil

  • Mix of Fish_________________________________________ £24.50
    Monkfish, Sea Bass, Hake, Salmon and Sardine in Tomato sauce, Onion, Peppers and served with  Potatoes

  • Seafood Rice_______________________________________ £24.50
    Rice with Locally Caught Seafood cooked with Tomato, White Wine, Piri-piri and Coriander

  • Octopus___________________________________________ £25.50
    Roasted Octopus with roasted Baby Potato, Carrots and Mushrooms

  • Super King Prawns Grill (400g)_________________________ £27.50

       with seafood rice


  • Vegetables Bean Stew_________________________________£16.99
    White Bean Tomato based stew with Carrots, and Cabbage served with Plain Rice

  • Chickpea and Spinach Curry____________________________ £16.99
    Curry served with Poached Egg and Rice

  • Leeks “Brás” Style____________________________________ £16.99

  • Leeks with caramelised Onion, Eggs, shredded Fries and Coriander

Kids Menu: (Under 12’s only)

  • Bolognese___________________________________________ £8.50

  • Fish Fingers__________________________________________ £7.70

  • Chicken Nuggets______________________________________ £7.70

Hamburger______________________________________________ £7.70

Meat Dishes:

  • Half/Whole Chicken____________________________________ £16.50/£30.00
    Grilled Chicken (Piri-piri, Garlic, Lemon, or Butter Sauce), served with Bean Rice and Chips

  • Beef Flat Ribs (stew)___________________________________ £17.00
    Served with Bean Rice or Chips

  • Pork Belly___________________________________________ £17.50
    Grilled Pork Belly with Garlic sauce served with Bean Rice

  • Chicken Grill “Brás” Style with Quail egg___________________ £17.50
    Chicken with caramelised Onion, shredded Fries, Olives and Coriander

  • Turkey Skewers with Bacon______________________________ £18.50

  • Served with Bean Rice or Chips

  • Sweet Rib’s BBO  Or  Rib’s Portuguese Style________________ £18.50

      With Bean Rice

  • Deer Leg on Roast Grill_________________________________ £18.50
    Grilled with Garlic and Coriander Sauce, served with Bean Rice

  • Lamb Chops_________________________________________ £22.50
    Grilled with Garlic and Coriander Sauce, served with Bean Rice

  • Steak with Prawn______________________________________ £24.50
    28 Days Matured Steak Grilled with Garlic Sauce and served with Bean Rice

  • Steak Portuguese Style_________________________________ £26.50
    Pan Fried 28 Days Matured Steak with Bacon, fried Egg and Creamy sauce,served with Chips

  • T-Bone Steak (500g)___________________________________ £34.90
    36 Days Matured T-Bone Grilled with Garlic sauce, served with Bean Rice

  • Mix Grill (for 2 people)__________________________________ £42.50
    Grilled Chicken, Pork Belly, Pork Loin, Sausage, Ribs, Lamb and Turkey, served with Pineapple and Bean Rice

  • Tomahawk On Grill______________________________ Ask Price

      with Bean Rice

Extra Sides:

  • Chips_________________________________________________ £3.50

  • Mix Salad   ____________________________________________ £3.95

      letuce, orion, bell pepper, cucumber and tomato

  • Tomato Salad___________________________________________ £3.95

      Tomato, orion and oregano

  • Rice (Beans or Garlic)____________________________________ £4.25

  • Stir-Fried Vegetables_____________________________________ £4.30

      Sautéed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil

All our food is freshly cooked to order so expect a minimum of a 30 minute wait!

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The Portuguese Restaurant &Bar

By Chef Alex Guilherme

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